Every time I think Elon has reached a new level of irresponsibility, he finds a way to be even more irresponsible. It’s honestly frightening.

It’s ridiculously wintery

A snowy hill with a residential building in the background

Favourite record store in Helsinki?

For some reason my watch can no longer show negative temperatures. No idea what’s going on.

Apple Watch showing the Weather app forecast for the next few days, above an iPad showing the Weather app for the same days. The iPad shows all-minus temperatures, while the watch shows the same temperatures, but without minus sign.

My neighborhood, february 1944.

Black and white photo. A corner of a five-floor residential building with a large piece of the wall missing and several windows blown out from an explosion or bomb

Nobel prize eve!

A TV showing the Nobel Prize ceremony, highlighting Svante Pääbo

“We regret to inform you that your flight is delayed” my airline kindly informs me 23 minutes after the original departure time. Oh wow I hadn’t noticed!

Cold morning

That mixed feeling of when ~all unit tests are failing, and then you just restructure your code to make it easier to understand, and after that, all unit tests pass again. I mean, I’m glad I obviously fixed the problem, I just wish I knew what it was I actually fixed.

A Stockholm suddenly appears!

A view of Stockholm city hall on a clear morning.  There are rail tracks in the foreground.

Every time I travel abroad I’m afraid I’ll have to pay with chip & PIN because I have no idea what my PIN codes are.

Respect the Midas

Control panel with lots of knobs and buttons. Text that says “MIDAS automation system”.

Now ChatGPT is confused about Finnish and Swedish the other way around

Screenshot: "Language: The official language of Sweden is Swedish, while the official language of Finland is Finnish. Swedish and Finnish are both Germanic languages, but they are not mutually intelligible. Finnish is more closely related to the languages of the Baltic region, while Swedish is more closely related to the languages of Scandinavia."

Evening walk

ChatGPT is very confused about Finnish and Swedish.

I don’t know why, but seeing the newly installed traffic lights come alive after a long period of road works made me surprisingly happy.

An intersection with several traffic lights, a tram waiting at a red light, some traffic in the background and snow on the sidewalks.

It’s such a weird snapshot into someone’s life when a customer sends you a screenshot of their entire desktop. Oh look, there’s your family. There are your vacation plans. Now run this command in Terminal and the app will start working again.

Meditating with Townscape

Good to see that UPS stays true to character and lies about me not being home when I’ve been home literally all day

Notification regarding a UPS delivery, saying customer was not available at time of delivery.

TIL Rosetta in macOS comes with a haiku

Terminal window with the test: "cat /Library/Apple/usr/share/rosetta/rosetta
&10;translation is done 
&10;as preferred long in advance
&10;rosetta idles"


Tram interior with sign saying “Hagns” as well as ”pysähtyy” and ”stannar”. There are some people on the tram.


Sign in a tram with the text ”Bjrnparken”

I may have to close the blinds :-(

View from an office window. Sunrise over a city landscape (Jätkäsaari, Helsinki). There is a canal crossing the view and snow on the ground.

The clouds outside my office window are acting all dramatic

These houses are just ridiculously cute though?

A row of houses in Vallila, Helsinki, with entrances with big pillars, evening photo with snow on the ground