Oh shit I have only five minutes of screen time left, say something fun real quick!

Hakaniemi/Hagnäs as seen from Kruununhaka/Kronohagen, 5 years apart

Mastodon followers, could anyone of you actually see the photo in this post in your timeline (without clicking through to the original post)? It shows up as blank in my test Mastodon account but don’t know if it’s an issue with Mastodon or micro.blog.

Pile of Hardware™ behind my desk at the office

An overflowing cardboard box - on the top of the pile is a Mac Studio (powered on), sitting on top of a MacBook box, sitting on top of a Commodore 128. Next to them is a computer manual in a thick green binder labelled “OPERATIONS MANUAL” and “16 BIT PIC • 80286 • TURBO PC • … DOS 2.11 • … 10 M … HARD DISK • DOS 3.20…”

Anyone know what was going on on Porthaninkatu/Fleminginkatu around 19:00? Street was blocked by police, saw a fire truck parked with lights on.

Re-ran my mastomigrate.sh script with the latest Fedifinder export, and it looks like I now follow 25 more users, nice!

I… what… why is tram 8 taking the wrong route?

Wet shoes. Wet pants. Wet face. Wet glasses. My phone doesn’t recognise me. Good morning!

One minute of a train ride through a wintery southern Finland


Traffic light covered in snow. Red signal is visible behind ice and snow. Traffic light covered in snow. Green signal is barely visible behind a layer of snow.

Pretty lights on my evening walk (link to video)

A winter suddenly reappeared

Good morning

A view of a frozen bay at winter sunrise. There are trees and a city skyline in the background

Happy new year!


Built a scyscraper in Townscaper

20+ cops outside S-Market Vallila about two hours ago, anyone know what was going on?

As I don’t have Twitter anymore I need alternate sources of entertainment. Today I’ve followed Finland’s ramp-up test of a new nuclear reactor in real time as it has added > 1 GW to the grid.

A graph showing energy a breakdown of energy sources in Finland over time (today), with nuclear (“kärnkraft”) growing significantly during the day

Terrace open! Lovely day for a drink outdoors isn’t it?

A sign saying “EAGLE CLUB Golf Simulators & pub. TERASSI AUKI”. The sign is standing in a pile of snow.

Tempted to login to Twitter just to check if my account has been banned for violating the “Promotion of social media platforms” rule yet.

I found this, which shows that even with LEDs, manufacturing is a very small part of the overall energy consumption during its lifetime. If the other environmental impact of the manufacturing outweighs the energy savings is perhaps harder to tell. (source)

In our bathroom we have a grid of 9 36 W halogen bulbs. I just replaced two of them with 6 W LEDs. Would it make sense to replace the rest of them for the energy savings (7*30 W, lights are on maybe 2-3 hours per day on average, so ~525 Wh per day), or is it better to use the existing ones until they die (taking into account the manufacturing of the replacements)?

Happy to see that some of my favorite bots are appearing here too!

00:22 on Friday December 16th, over the Coral Sea

Made a tiny modification to the Mastodon -> micro.blog follower import script I made in 2018 so that it works with the .csv file generated by Fedifinder, and am now following a lot more people, nice!

“Hey Siri, play Radio Helsinki”