When (English-configured) Siri starts listening in on the (Swedish) bedtime story.

It was getting hard to find spare parts for our decade-old Roomba so we needed to get a new robot vacuum cleaner. However, some family members have grown so attached to the old one so now we have a big and a baby robovac.

Evening walk @ 20:30

It started with an attempt to fix a flaky unit test, which expanded into deleting some unused code which expanded into deleting almost 4000 lines of code. A nice PR to finish off with before vacation starts!

“Lines updated: +1 -3888”

A fox showed up in our backyard while we were grilling

Eating one of these is like eating a whole bag of Djungelvrål, it’s completely insane and I can’t stop

A hand holding a jar of black, powder-coated candies with a white label featuring the large text "SVENSKJÄVLAR!" in Swedish. The background shows an outdoor scene with green trees and several buildings, indicating the jar is being held near a window.

(I don’t know how Sparkle operates; if it only does the extraction after signature validation I guess an attack would be pretty hard to pull off even if you have a zero day in the archive decompressor.)

Step 1: find zero day vulnerability in obscure archive format
Step 2: add said archive format to the most popular 3rd party macOS software update framework
Step 3: ???

Add support for extracting Apple Archives (.aar files) by zorgiepoo · Pull Request #2586 · sparkle-project/Sparkle

Useful things I own, part 82768492

Voted in a building with this weird structure in it

Also this one

Cleaning day at the office. Found this old beauty.

macOS 14.5 was just released with literally zero changes communicated to the end user?

“Let’s put Android on this projector” they said “It’ll be great with all those apps” they said

Our product deleted some “malware” in Proxygen’s container when I downloaded it in my VM - it still got delivered through the proxy so all is good, I was just surprised it landed on disk at all :-) /cc @pasi@mastodon.social

The man in the photo is middle-aged with glasses and a cap. He has a beard and is dressed casually in a grey jacket over a hoodie. He’s taking a selfie by a serene lake with a modern structure floating on the water behind him on a sunny day.

Watch the moose. The moose is your friend. www.svtplay.se/video/emy…

Paid extra for lounge access as I have a few hours and wanted a comfortable place to work. Lounge was ridiculously crowded and noisy. Went to gate waiting area instead. Peace and quiet, and plenty of space.

Bruge! It’s like a fairytale! With swans!

New Apple Pay card just dropped! With S-card bonus too!

The route

Took a bike ride around Helsinki to celebrate the arrival of spring. There was just a litte bit of snow.

I just booked a trip to Bruges for next week! Just staying one night for a Kristin Hersh gig but still. I’m going to Bruges!

I needed to reboot my phone to get it to work but I can now at least play Gameboy games through a proper not-from-App Store app which certainly is special!