I would like a device that simply takes digital audio input and sends it to an AirPlay receiver. How hard can it be?

Instinctively typed “spctl –list” and learned that it’s apparently an undocumented but handy thing, if you’re poking around with spctl often…

Downloading some in-flight entertainment while waiting for boarding

TIL that the Swedish government jets are called …. SWEDEFORCE

Got a delivery at the office

It’s been a pretty good January but I think I’m going to give up on today

Apple Watch unlock on macOS is pretty nice (now that it’s somewhat reliable), but what I’d really like is the reverse: a way to lock the Mac from my watch as I notice an adversary (=my child) is approaching an unlocked computer.

Hey it’s softwareupdate -iaR day!

Today I learned that the iOS Shortcuts app can make SSH connection and run remote scripts as part of a workflow, which opens up for a lot of crazy thing. On a related note, the Pythonista share extension is very cool as well.

After software update-induced reboot, macOS these days logs you in automatically but starts up with the screen locked. Is there a way to invoke this behaviour on-demand? fdesetup authrestart is a different thing.

My Babbage mug from the computer history museum in Mountain View broke again ☹️


Buy or rent?

A different kind of 🤯: twitter.com/lenanvinc…

I’ve been waiting for the AirPod charging case to reach a 100% for an hour now 🤯

Hmm I wonder what happens if I install this on my Mac?

This is some pretty crazy space stuff going on right now

oh… 10.14.1 sources posted – with xnu!

My watch thinks it’s snowing in Helsinki and raining in Helsingfors 🤔

Nobel night

(tmutil deletelocalsnapshots to the rescue. I had forgot all about this feature.)

I suppose it’s local Time Machine snapshots, which wouldn’t be a a problem except that Photos keeps saying I don’t have enough disk space to save full resolution copies of my iCloud Photo Library (800 GB or so, but I should have more than enough on my 3 TB drive).

After a cleanup, I have 591 GB free. According to Finder, that is. df -h says I have 96 GB free…

It looks like in Mojave (and maybe later High Sierra releases) the “ps” command can sometimes return an empty process list (and no error message, just the standard header line)… 🤔

I was going to post this photo of the WWDC 2018 Finland pin for Independence Day yesterday but somehow forgot, so here it is.