Also this one

Cleaning day at the office. Found this old beauty.

macOS 14.5 was just released with literally zero changes communicated to the end user?

“Let’s put Android on this projector” they said “It’ll be great with all those apps” they said

Our product deleted some “malware” in Proxygen’s container when I downloaded it in my VM - it still got delivered through the proxy so all is good, I was just surprised it landed on disk at all :-) /cc

The man in the photo is middle-aged with glasses and a cap. He has a beard and is dressed casually in a grey jacket over a hoodie. He’s taking a selfie by a serene lake with a modern structure floating on the water behind him on a sunny day.

Watch the moose. The moose is your friend.…

Paid extra for lounge access as I have a few hours and wanted a comfortable place to work. Lounge was ridiculously crowded and noisy. Went to gate waiting area instead. Peace and quiet, and plenty of space.

Bruge! It’s like a fairytale! With swans!

New Apple Pay card just dropped! With S-card bonus too!

The route

Took a bike ride around Helsinki to celebrate the arrival of spring. There was just a litte bit of snow.

I just booked a trip to Bruges for next week! Just staying one night for a Kristin Hersh gig but still. I’m going to Bruges!

I needed to reboot my phone to get it to work but I can now at least play Gameboy games through a proper not-from-App Store app which certainly is special!

So has anyone actually managed to import a game ROM into the AltStore version of Delta? The file browser is just stuck for me. Navigation doesn’t happen when I tap “Downloads” (or anything else) even though the UI itself responds.

Anyone else having trouble using Frida to instrument system processes on macOS 14.4/14.4.1? frida-helper gets killed with “Process used task_for_pid()” even though I have SIP disabled (and nvram boot-args=“-arm64e_preview_abi”).

I forgot to type “sudo” in front of a command and you won’t believe what happened next

you and me both, Xcode

Found my old Jolla phone!

Aaaah feels fantastic when you’ve written a tool to parse a 100 GB file and one run takes 9 minutes and it crashes on literally the last byte.

TIL Xcode gets a wee bit beachbally if you have 99900 assertions failures in one unit test. Don’t do that.

Classic “designed by Apple in California”: it’s inconceivable that both max and min temperatures are negative double digit numbers, so one of them gets truncated

Apple Watch face with a temperature widget showing a temperature range of -… to -11 degrees

It appears I have reached the phase of parenthood where we discuss setting up a Minecraft (Bedrock) server. Anyone have any good pointers? Is a Raspberry Pi 4 enough - googling tells me I can use “Nukkit” for that, are there any obvious caveats with that compared to the official server software?

Still the funniest bug I’ve ever found in macOS. It’s fixed now but Apple never closed the FB ticket.

I’ll share another funny bug once 14.4 is out!

Sunset on my way home from work