That’s the nicest thing an app has ever said to me.

On a boat.

Apparently this is a “USB Micro B” cable. TIL.

Why oh why

Improvised stand-up desk

picture of my laptop on top of a bunch of boxes and books

Why is my Timeline in Sunlit empty? @help

Met Veera the robot at the library. It took the elevator down.

Internet! Help! My 5yo son decorated my old laptop with awesome stickers. We managed to transfer most of them to my new laptop but this one we couldn’t peel off without breaking it. My Google image search turned up nothing — if you have ever seen it please let me know where!

Would love to get a new Roomba but our old one just keeps on working. And it’s 10 years old this week!…

WFH desk is a bit crowded

Coffee situation: improved

Sunny office today

I’m also downloading some fresh games

Just doing some macOS Big Sur testing by browsing some cool apps on Mac App Store.

Screenshot of macOS Big Sur App Store showing FaceTime for Snow Leopard

This is not what I expected as the third and fourth hits when I googled for ‘log show predicate “bootUUID”’

Google search results with titles ”Full text of "The philosophical radicals and other essays, with …” and ”Full text of "The American Catholic Quarterly Review, Volume …”

Happy 13:37 o’clock

Back to work

Midnight in Helsinki


WWDC home lab setup

Summer solstice


I would like a device that simply takes digital audio input and sends it to an AirPlay receiver. How hard can it be?

Instinctively typed “spctl –list” and learned that it’s apparently an undocumented but handy thing, if you’re poking around with spctl often…

Downloading some in-flight entertainment while waiting for boarding