Aaaah feels fantastic when you’ve written a tool to parse a 100 GB file and one run takes 9 minutes and it crashes on literally the last byte.

TIL Xcode gets a wee bit beachbally if you have 99900 assertions failures in one unit test. Don’t do that.

Classic “designed by Apple in California”: it’s inconceivable that both max and min temperatures are negative double digit numbers, so one of them gets truncated

Apple Watch face with a temperature widget showing a temperature range of -… to -11 degrees

It appears I have reached the phase of parenthood where we discuss setting up a Minecraft (Bedrock) server. Anyone have any good pointers? Is a Raspberry Pi 4 enough - googling tells me I can use “Nukkit” for that, are there any obvious caveats with that compared to the official server software?

Still the funniest bug I’ve ever found in macOS. It’s fixed now but Apple never closed the FB ticket.

I’ll share another funny bug once 14.4 is out!

Sunset on my way home from work

I got to use the word “Cryptex” in a commit message. Thanks Apple!

I really want to stay up to watch the Ax-3 launch but I also really need sleep. I am exhausted from looking at C++ all day.

Throwback to January 2010 when we found The Internet at the office. Turns out it was guarded by tiny F-Secure penguins.

It was pretty nice to see this sunset on my commute from work a couple of days ago. Apologies for the bad camera work, it is hard to shoot video from your phone while biking, especially with glove an and when there’s ice and snow on the ground. 🙂

Happy with my decision to not bike to work today

Hello Helsinki

Viking Line as seen from a Silja Line ship a few days ago, around 16:50

Cheers from a Stockholm roof top!

Saw this and started wondering what kind of pub an astropub would be

(also, I miss the pineapple burger they used to serve there!)

Apple localizing deeply technical content is nice, but reading it in Swedish makes it hard to follow, because the terminology is so unfamiliar. I actually can’t get the English version for cross-checking because it redirects me to the Swedish version even if I manually enter “en-us” in the URL.

Bike commute 🌨️

Possibly a personal pull request record

A screenshot of a git change summary showing 80 lines added, 81153 lines removed

Independence Day lunch!

Bike commute ❄️


Met some ducks on my walk today!

Nice view from the new Bistro O Mat in Hakaniemi!

Someone left a message on my voicemail. I didn’t know I have a voicemail service, so I thought the SMS notification was a scam. I really don’t want it. Now I need to figure out how to turn it off.

Leaving work, 17:30