Mesmerized by this sign language interpretation of Finlandia from president Ahtisaari’s funeral.

Sometimes my commute is pretty!

Happy Sonoma day to those who celebrate!

These babies only have one more year of macOS security patches, shouldn’t the prices start to drop dramatically by now?

Come see me and my colleague Arthur present two macOS vulnerabilities we’ve found at Objective By The Sea v6.0!

Screenshot of OBTS talk schedule, listing our talk titled 'Two More Ways the Quarantine Attribute Can Fail Us'

Three attempts of “hey Siri, remind me to pay the ukulele bill tonight”

launchd debug logs are always fun to read. Today’s examples: “uncorking exec source” and “internal event: PETRIFIED”

That’s what, a week’s use? Why would you stop using a reusable cup after only a week?

When you write code for hours and finally press “build” and the build passes and you’re like yay I’m awesome and then you test it and nothing works and it turns out you had the wrong target selected all along.

oh wow, I only now noticed that in Sonoma, there’s /etc/pam.d/sudo_local which persists across upgrades!

Terminal window that says: $ cat /etc/pam.d/sudo_local.template 
&10;# sudo_local: local config file which survives system update and is included for sudo
&10;# uncomment following line to enable Touch ID for sudo
&10;#auth       sufficient

Might need to tweak those serial parameters a bit. Also homebrew needs to learn to respect the termcap!

That went well! Yay Sweden!

Some very patient router held on to some packets for me

Quite warm on our balcony today 🥵

Does anyone know what happened with the bridge between Eläintarhanlahti(?) and Töölönlahti?

Slight moment of panic when I noticed my main banking apps don’t work with the iOS 7 beta. One of them claims it fails to validate the authenticity of the device, the other just said my PIN is wrong. Luckily my banks still support old-style paper-based OTP login so I can still pay my bills.

Woah I just mixed up the /dev path of my SD card and my Time Machine backup drive when dd’ing a Raspberry Pi OS image. Luckily macOS would let me write to a raw /dev/diskN device, probably because it had filesystems mounted.

Me: I better take at least a 128 GB memory card to the new Raspberry Pi, so that I don’t run out of space

Actual usage of my current Raspberry Pi:

“df” output showing 6 GB in use on a 59 GB file system

This Dalek needs to work on its camouflage

Our evening snacks have arrived!


5 minutes remaining…

A MacBook Pro showing an Apple logo system update screen with a progress bar and 5 minutes ETA

Ordered some groceries by robot delivery and now the whole family is anxiously watching it take a very slow and complicated route to our home, probably to avoid intersections and other difficulties.

Impressive typo-per-character ratio there

The Töölönlahti miniature power plant is back in action, yay!